Finished BasementWhy Basement Finishing?

Make the most out of your basement!  A basement finishing costs about 50% of the cost of a new addition in your home and Remodeling Online reports that a basement rodeling can increase the value of your home by as much as 97% of the cost of the installation!  If your basement is a cold, ugly, concrete room, you have a great opportunity to meet with a contractor, draw up a plan and basement remodeling contract, and change the basement into your favorite room in the house!

If you want to keep the largest room in the house as a damp, ugly, unfinished basement instead of working with a contractor to transform it into a beautiful, dry and finished room, then you have no reason invest in a basement remodeling.  However, here are some examples of what your basement could be:

  • A newly finished basement family room with a TV, couches and games
  • A naturally private and quiet professional basement home office
  • A basement play room with children’s play toys and games
  • A home gym in the cellar with fitness equipment, weights and exercise mats
  • An attractive and sophisticated basement combination wine cellar and humidor

The best way to make this happen is to have a basement remodeling contractor install basement finishing and remodeling products that form a barrier between the cold, damp basement surfaces and your finished basement living space.  Your walls should have a solid, free-standing cement board and hard foam insulation so you can attach shelves, cabinets, pictures or a plasma TV anywhere on them without needing to find a stud.  Soft finished insulated basement paneling will not be able to support this.  Soft board insulated basement wall panels will make an inferior partition if you’d like to build a basement bedroom, basement bathroom or mother-in-law’s suite in the remodeled basement.  Basement windows and egress windows should have double-paned low-E glass and a vinyl frame for optional home insulation and soundproofing.  A drop ceiling is a great way to soundproof to absorb noise between the remodeled basement and the floors above.  Finished basement floors should be laid down so that they block water from the basement floor, cannot rot or support mold growth and are not as cold as the concrete basement foundation floor.  All finished basement surfaces should be resilient to water damage and have a class A fire retardant rating.

We can refer you to a basement remodeling contractor who will help you turn your basement finishing ideas into a basement remodeling plan that is best for your home improvement plan.  They will be fully trained and certified and will have passed our rigorous standards.  Our basement contractors are locally owned and operated and can finish your basement with the best mold resistant, water resistant, and fire retardant products on the market.  Our basement experts use products that come with a written warranty and are made to last for many decades to come.  If you’d like a free, no obligation estimate from a local basement finishing contractor, contact us for a remodeling price quote today!

Basement Remodeling Adds Living Space

Remodeled BasementRemodeling a Basement

As housing costs rise, it’s important that you make the most you possibly can out of your home.  Of all the areas in the house where you could do a home improvement, finishing and remodeling a basement is the most underestimated and ignored way a home improvement contractor can inexpensively increase the home’s value and living space.  An unfinished basement is usually the largest room in a house, and it’s surrounded by damp basement walls and cellar floors, humid air, and it’s a dark and ugly space that is only useful as storage.  And even as basement storage, you’ll need to worry about mold!
If you could add a large, finished room to your home, what would you do with it?  Would you have the contractor add a family room, or would you want a finished bedroom and bathroom?  Maybe a finished game room with a pool table?
Finishing your cement basement is a home improvement investment that increases the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars!  As time passes and the housing market improves, your home will naturally appreciate in value.  You’ll realize that hiring a basement finishing contractor to remodel your basement will pay for itself and will give you beautiful new living space.  And if your basement finishing includes insulated basement walls and insulated basement floors, the home will be easier to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.  A basement finishing can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on utilities!  And having a contractor remodel the basement will make your home easier to sell when the time comes.

Basement Designs

The most exciting part of finishing a basement is sorting through all your basement ideas to find the best basement finishing plan for your home makeover.  A basement is a great area to finish- it’s a large, naturally quiet, private room.  Where building a home addition would require you to extend the foundation, plumbing, wiring and your heating and cooling ducts, your basement will already be equipped.  This means you can spend your money on having a basement renovation contractor beautify and customize your finished room instead.  Here’re just some of the things you can do with a newly finished basement:

  • Finished Basement Children’s Play Area
  • A Home Gym in your Cellar
  • A Basement Guest Room or Mother-in-Law Suite
  • Remodel the Basement into a Home Theatre or Family Room
  • A Quiet Basement Private Office or Personal Library
  • Wine Cellar or Basement Wet Bar
  • Renovate the Basement into a Game Room with Pool Table
  • A Peaceful Basement Arts and Crafts Room
  • With the Basement Plumbing Installed, Make a Private Spa and Hot Tub Area

A good basement finishing and remodeling contractor can improve your home quickly and painlessly.  Since the work is in the cellar, the basement remodeling experts do their job away from the rest of your living space.  A quality basement finishing system should be able to be installed without dust, debris, dry wall mess, or excessive noise.  An average quality basement finishing contractor should take 5-10 days to complete the home improvements proposed on your basement finishing estimate.  Most quality basement remodeling products are ready to use right away after installation and cost almost 50% less than constructing a new finished room without the homeowner sacrificing any space in your lawn or adding on a new area to heat and cool.

More Basement Remodeling Information

Your basement remodeling project will improve your home’s value by as much as 97% the cost of the basement finishing job.  Your whole family will love your new finished living space!  As with any home improvement, only the best home renovation contractor will do the job that you’re hoping for.  We research all our basement remodeling contractors carefully so that you get only the best locally owned and operated basement remodeling contractors available!

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