Basement Windows and Window Wells

The Finishing Touch to Your Remodeled Basment!

Imagine you’re done with your finished basement.  You’ve written all your basement remodeling ideas down, set up a proposal with your basement finishing contractor, and had the work installed.  Your basement makeover is complete!  What do you see when you think of your newly remodeled space?  Your basement walls are finished, your basement floor tiles are laid down, and you have a new finished basement ceiling.  Your basement is warm, clean, and dry— the perfect picture of basement remodeling!

Window WellNow picture your current basement windows in that picture.  Do they fit in, or are they a sore thumb in an otherwise perfect finished basement?  Chances are, your basement windows are like this:

  • Rusted shut

  • Covered in peeling paint

  • Blocked by weeds, leaves, and other debris

  • Leaky

  • Drafty

  • Single-paned

  • Surrounded by rusted, ugly window wells

Basement windows and basement window wells, making your basement a brighter, safer, and more welcoming space! 

Basement Windows

Make your finished basement brighter and more enjoyable with Basement Windows! Llong-lasting, rust-free basement windows will let valuable sunlight into your basement, making it a more pleasant place for your family to spend their time.  You will never need to repaint our vinyl windows, and Low-E panes will make your basement warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! 

Basement Window Wells

Basement Window Wells are the perfect answer for your ugly, rusted window wells.  Bright, attractive Basement Window Wells keeps dirt, leaves, weeds, and other debris out of your remodeled basement while reflecting sunlight from outside into your home.  Your basement window wells will never rust or fill with weeds again! 

Window Well Systems

Make your finished basement safer and more code-complaint by installing a Window Well System. Durable and flood-resistant, it’s equipped with terraces that can be used to plant your favorite flowers and shrubs!  Window Well Systems combines perfectly with Basement Windows to increase the beauty and value of your home! 

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