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Basement Finishing Ideas & Information

Finishing a basement’s concrete walls is a fantastic way to add beauty and comfort to the space. 

But with any home makeover project, make sure you select the best products on the market for your basement finishing renovation project and work with: 

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Basment Finishing Tips

Basement Finishing - Interior Design

Planning your interior basement finishing design should start with the basics:

  • your basement finishing floor
  • finished basement windows
  • finished basement ceiling 

Your finished basement floor plans should include a proper basement sub floor that provides a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from sponging from the ground, through the porous concrete floors, and into the cellar’s air. Need more info? Finishing Basements For More Living Space

Basement Floors

  • Wood sub floors should never be used, as they will collect that moisture and grow mold, mildew and rot. 
  • Carpet tiles and vinyl flooring tiles are the best option.
  • Waterproof flooring tiles installed underneath the carpeting can help to make a carpet safe from water.

Basement Ceilings

  • Basement finishing drop ceiling tiles should not sag and should be mold and water resistant. 
  • Ceiling tiles are a great idea- they give access if a plumbing pipe needs to be repaired or the electrical wiring needs work.

basement finishing wallsBasement Windows

  • Remodeled basement finishing windows are a great way to add accent lighting and beauty to your basement. 
  • For cheap modern lighting, energy efficient florescent light bulbs can also be installed in your finished basement drop ceiling. 
  • Egress basement windows make your finished cellar more code complaint and are perfect for a finished basement bedroom! Click here for more info on basement windows.

Basement Finishing Contractors

If you’re looking for general contractors to help you with your basement finishing plan, make sure you do your research before selecting one to help you with your basement finishing ideas. 

No two basement finishing remodelers are the same- make sure that you check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau and that they are experts at basement finishing. 

It’s best to find a home improvement contractor that is specifically a basement finishing specialist, as basements are unique environments that are different from anywhere else in the house.

Basement finsihing is a great investment for your home! 

At, we can connect you with a prescreened basement finshing contractor who will offer a free price quote, help you with your basement finishing plan, and help you with your basement finishing renovation designs!

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